Uncomfortable Pantyhose Out There

Uncomfortable Pantyhose Out There

To smooth out your stomach. But I still hate the way the waistband feels. If you want to wear pantyhose in warm weather, choose ultra-sheer, non-control top pantyhose, which have less fabric, allowing for more airflow. I just switched to leggings because the waistbands are more forgiving. If you see the beginning of a run, trim off the pulled thread and dab a bit of clear nail polish over the spot. You should have enough fabric left to easily finish pulling your pantyhose up around your waist.

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However, many people find that control-top pantyhose feel uncomfortably tight, and sometimes dig in at the waist to create a cinched appearance. It could be a funeral; it could be the prom; it could be every day at your new corporate job.

Uncomfortable Pantyhose Out There
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Uncomfortable Pantyhose Out There
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Uncomfortable Pantyhose Out There
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Uncomfortable Pantyhose Out There
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Uncomfortable Pantyhose Out There
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Uncomfortable Pantyhose Out There
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Uncomfortable Pantyhose Out There
Uncomfortable Pantyhose Out There
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Uncomfortable Pantyhose Out There
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Uncomfortable Pantyhose Out There
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Uncomfortable Pantyhose Out There
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Uncomfortable Pantyhose Out There
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Uncomfortable Pantyhose Out There
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