Cessna 172 Cockpit

Cessna 172 Cockpit

All of my prior time had been logged in a Citabria sans flaps! Now, to fully interact with the ATC, I no longer need a big monitor, no keyboard, no mouse, as I can operate it efficently from the MPID, while I'm still totally concentrated on the instrument panel and on flying! It would, in fact, do everything that a TBM will do except fly high and fast and far.

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For the lower panel, i printed the decals on normal A4 paper, and put some transparent packing tape on top to protect them. Strutless cantilever wing, stabilator tail.

Cessna 172 Cockpit
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Cessna 172 Training Manual

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Cessna 172 Cockpit
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Cessna 172 Cockpit
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Cessna 172 Cockpit
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Cessna 172 Cockpit
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Cessna 172 Cockpit
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Cessna C172 Skyhawk Cockpit Seat Cover

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Cessna 172 Cockpit
Cessna 172 Cockpit
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Cessna 172 Cockpit
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CESSNA 172 Aircraft For Sale

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Cessna 172 Cockpit
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Cessna 172 Cockpit
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Cessna 172 Cockpit
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Cessna 172

Cessna 172 Cockpit
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Cessna 172 Cockpit
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