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This event would also be a reason for Lieutenant General Shepherd 's who served as the invasion force's supreme commander motives in There are also hundreds of modern words that are borrowed directly from English, the majority of them are connected with computing as you can see in the table below. This is also the start of Makarov's madness as his hatred escalated even further. The total number of Russian language speakers around the world is estimated to be from to million.

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The alphabet originated from the 9th century. While he is monologuing to Yuri inside of the Jeep and watching the weapons deal between Zakhaev and the Spetsnaz Soldier, Makarov can be shot and killed by Price after Zakhaev gets his arm blasted off by the sniper. As an Indo-European language, Russian has many Greek and Latin bases, it's easy to recognize them behind the Cyrillic disguise:.

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Translation of "there's nowhere to hide" in Russian

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PHOTO CREDIT: https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/1/1e/Russian_language_status_and_proficiency_in_the_World.svg/1200px-Russian_language_status_and_proficiency_in_the_World.svg.png
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Vladimir Makarov

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