Heavy Period After Sex

Heavy Period After Sex

The device is effective for five years. Treatment options depend on the type and duration of abnormal bleeding, the presence of organic disease, her age, and whether childbirth is involved. Some women want to make sure they can still have children in the future. Your doctor might tell you that one or more of the following tests will help find out if you have a bleeding problem:.

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A commonly prescribed drug is tranexamic acid. Irregular heavy periods and bleeding between periods or after sexual intercourse may indicate a serious condition. There are many options for helping eliminate heavy frequent periods.

Heavy Period After Sex
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Why Is My Period So Heavy?

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Heavy Period After Sex
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Heavy Period After Sex
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Heavy Period After Sex
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Heavy Period After Sex
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Heavy Period After Sex
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heavy period after sex

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Heavy Period After Sex
Heavy Period After Sex
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Heavy Period After Sex
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Heavy period after sex?

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Heavy Period After Sex
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Heavy Period After Sex
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Heavy Period After Sex
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Heavy Menstrual Bleeding

Heavy Period After Sex
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Heavy Period After Sex
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