Facial Retraining Exercises

Facial Retraining Exercises

The Patient initiates the primary movement A while monitoring area of synkinesis. The role of plastic surgery in enhancing your smile: What have increased are the hypertonic muscles tightness i. Bimanual Synkinesis occurs when left and right upper limbs, especially the hands and fingers execute exactly the same movement even though only one hand is intentionally moved.

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Retrieved 16 November It is also called "mirror hand movements" and persists throughout life. It involves the participation of the caput zygomaticum and caninus and will contribute to the maintenance of the lip level and tooth visibility.

Facial Retraining Exercises
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Facial Synkinesis Symptoms

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Facial Retraining Exercises
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Facial Retraining Exercises
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Facial Retraining Exercises
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Facial Retraining Exercises
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Facial Retraining Exercises
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Synkinesis Treatment

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Facial Retraining Exercises
Facial Retraining Exercises
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Facial Retraining Exercises
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Facial Retraining Exercises
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Facial Retraining Exercises
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Facial Retraining Exercises
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Rehabilitation Strategies for Facial Nerve Injuries

Facial Retraining Exercises
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Facial Retraining Exercises
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